Programme 2012

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Time Session Europa Auditorium Sala Italia Sala Azzurra Sala Rossa
9.00 – 9.10 Welcome and Announcements
Marco Momoli (BolognaFiere) , Kat Meyer and Joe Wikert (O’Reilly Media)
9.10 – 9.30 KEYNOTE 1


Russell Hampton (Disney Publishing Worldwide)

9.30 – 9.50 KEYNOTE 2


Dominique Raccah (Sourcebooks)

9.50 – 10.20 MORNING BREAK
10.20 – 11.05 BREAKOUT SESSION 1 The Story of Connected Reading


Jennifer A. Perry (Sesame Workshop) and Mirjana Spasojevic (Nokia)

The Opportunity in Digital: Putting Publishers at the Helm of Digital Book Sales.


Omer Ginor (Touchoo), Andrew Sharp (Hachette Children’s UK) and Kevin O’Connor (Barnes and Noble/Nook)

Moderated by Joe Schick (Baker + Taylor/Blio)

When Worlds Collide: The Intersection of Book, Games and Online Communities for Kids


Christian Dorffer (Mindshapes) and Erik Hoftun (SnowCastle),

Moderated by Chris Meade (if:book)

The Lia Project: Providing Accessible Books in EPUB for People with Reading Disabilities


Cristina Mussinelli (Italian Publisher Association)

11.10 – 11.55 BREAKOUT SESSION 2 Which Platforms and Formats, and When? Creating a Strategy for your Digital Content


Wandy Yeap-Hoh (MeeGenius),
Paul Seddon (Easypress Technologies)
Judith Haut (Random House)

Moderated by Joe Wikert (O’Reilly Media)

Trends in the Kids’ Consumer Market


Kristen McLean (Bookigee)

Building Smart Digital Books for Kids.


Nat Sims (Night+Day Studios)

The Hardware Conundrum: How Children are Shaping the Next Generation of Mobile Devices


Matthew I. Growney (Isabella Products)

12.00 – 12.45 BREAKOUT SESSION 3 Gallimard Jeunesse, an Innovative Digital Strategy in Non-Fiction content


Térence Mosca (Gallimard Jeunesse)

Feeling the Pain: Best Practices for Taking Your Publishing Company Digital


Staci van Schagen (WPG Uitgevers)

The Discovery Problem: Getting Your Book App Noticed in the App Store


Hermés Piqué (Robot Media)

12.45 – 2.15 LUNCH
2.15 – 3.00 BREAKOUT SESSION 4 eBooks and Apps: Managing the Collaborative Publisher/Developer Relationship


Dominique Raccah (Sourcebooks), Rana DiOrio (Little Pickle Press).

Moderated by Chintu Parikh (Sachmanya)

Today ‘s Tastemakers…influencer: How to Establish and Maintain Effective Relationships with Children’s Content Trade Press, Bloggers, and Other Influencers


Julia Eccleshare (The Guardian), Warren Buckleitner (Children’s Tech Review)

Moderated by David Maybury (Inis)

Interactive Storytelling, and the Changing Ways in which Information is being Received by Today’s and Future Audiences


Jos Carlyle (Persian Cat Press)

A Year of Appiness™


Kate Wilson (Nosy Crow)

3.05 – 3.50 BREAKOUT SESSION 5 Atlantyca’s Transmedia Business Model


Claudia Mazzucco (Atlantyca Entertainment )

Walrus Books – EPUB3 Possibilities: Pros and Cons of the EPUB3 Format for Children’s Content


Jérémie Gisserot, Julien Simon (Walrus Books)

How to Receive Funding and Support for New Digital and Print Publishing Projects


Charles Beckett (Art Council) and Agnes Vogt (Letternfond)

Moderated by Neal Hoskins (Wingedchariot)

3.55 – 4.40 BREAKOUT SESSION 6 Case Moomin: From the Picture Book Classic to a Full Scale Application.


Lippo Luukkonen (WSOY) and Kimmo Alaniska (Spinfy Oy)

Sales Trends in Kids’ Apps and eBooks


Woody Sears (Zuuka/iStory Time) ,
Michael Tamblyn (Kobo),
Kristen McLean (Bookigee)

2012′s New Publishing Opportunities: Self-Authoring, User Engagement, Fan Building, and In-App Sales


Josh Koppel (ScrollMotion)

Digital Business Models for Interactive Picture Books: Fundels and Digital Bundles of Fun…


Jelle Van De Velde (PlayLane) and Valentine Lerouge (PlayLane)

5.10 – 5.30 KEYNOTE 3


Junko Yokota (Centre for Teaching through Children’s Books)

5.30 – 5.50 KEYNOTE 4


Elizabeth Wood (Worldreader)

Roberta Chinni (Bologna Children’s Book Fair), Neal Hoskins (Wingedchariot) and Warren Buckleitner (Children’s Tech Review)

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